Founded in 1939

Spondon Church Boys' Club

In memory of our great Vicar and friend TEM Barber

Camp Magazines Coombe Martin1943; Lanfairfechan 1944; and Morfa Bychan1946.

     These historic magazines, kept for years by George Belfield, give a unique insight into the life of the camp in those early days.  Members who are familiar with camps only in the later years will be struck by how much remained the same!  In fact the unique traditions of the club and camp were jealously guarded by each succeeding generation, even going so far as trying to locate the exact tent peg holes every year!   The daily routine of kit inspection fatigues, games competitions (stump cricket etc), bathing parties, and free time, was a major characteristic of the camp - not forgetting, of course, the closing Camp Fire!

   These three magazines were sent by John Belfield, and may be viewed and downloaded in PDF form.

Combe Martin 1943 OCR.pdf

Llanfairfechan 1944 OCR.pdf

Morfa Bychan 1946 OCR .pdf

Morfa Bychan 1946 OCR .pdf


Camp Reports Transcribed by Shaun Fishwick