Founded in 1939

Spondon Church Boys' Club

In memory of our great Vicar and friend TEM Barber

History of the Club

In this section we shall describe the history of the Spondon Church  Boys' club from its early beginnings at the Vicarage in 1939 to its sad demise following the death of the Vicar in 1988.

                                                                    Who we are!

This site is created by surviving members of the Committee of the Spondon Church Boys' Club.  The information in our site is, as far as we are able to establish, accurate and true.  The views expressed by members are of course their own and may not represent the whole.

    This site is intended as a tribute to the Reverend T.E.M  Barber, and we welcome all to view our main pages and photo albums.   Our Members' Area is reserved for members of The Spondon Church Boys' Club..  Membership of the club was conferred in person to the individual by the Vicar following discussion in the Club Committee. We assume all past members still retain membership.  The Committee of the Spondon Church Boys' Club is now disbanded and the club officially closed shortly after the Vicar's death.